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Maid Agency: AV Global Harvest (S) Pte Ltd
Type: New
Available: IMMEDIATE
Base Salary: S$580
Rest Day Pref.: 2 rest days per month

Rosabelle is a single mum with 1 child age 10 yrs old. She has been working as a helper in Philippines with a Filipino family. She looked after 1 child age 3 years old. Both parents were working & she independently looked after the child. Feed her, bring her to take a shower, change clothes, bring her to school & fetch her, read story books & help her with her home work. She sings nursery rhymes & play with her. She would always occupy her while the parents were working. She sleeps with the baby at night.

She does cleaning, washing, ironing, marketing & cooking. She is trustworthy & patient. Very hardworking & is willing to learn more. She can cook Filipino food & some Chinese food. Can follow recipe book & can use the kitchen equipment.

Her second employer is also a Filipino Family - worked for 2 years (2017 - 2019) End of her contract. She looked after 2 children ages 5 & 9 yrs old in an apartment. She prepare the kids for school evryday from Monday-Friday. Feed them, bring them to school & fetch them, play with them & bring thesm to their school activities. She also does cleaning & laundry. She is hardworking & focused person. She wanted to come & work in Singapore for her child.

She also has experienced looking after her newborn baby. She is the one who took care till grown up.

She is available for employment asap & can interview her via video call.

Single (29 yrs)
Ref: AVGHN2306
Upd on 23-Apr-19
Maid Agency: AV Global Harvest (S) Pte Ltd
Type: New
Base Salary: S$600
Rest Day Pref.: 2 rest days per month

Honey Rose is a single parent and has 3 kids of her own ages 8, 5, yrs old & 7 mos old. Her experience in looking after kids are from her own children where she brought them up since birth till now. She knows how to sterilize feeding bottles, feed the baby & burp every after feeding, change clothes, nappies, bath, bring to sleep. She is very familiar on how the baby is reacting or crying if hungry, not well, sleepy, & is very caring. She love to take care of infant & is very patient.

She also do all the household chores like cleaning, washing, ironing, marketing, cooking & sending kids to school. She is very responsible & hardworking. She can cook
Filipino Food & some Chinese Food. She is willing to learn & can follow recipe book.

She wanted to come & work in Singapore as she needed to feed her children & provide for their needs. Her baby will be looked after by her parents.

Single Parent (28 yrs)
Ref: AVGHN201
Upd on 23-Apr-19
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