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Diana is 40 years old, Married with 2 kids. (18 and 11 years old). She is a Protestand and from Kupang, Indonesia.

She has 8 years experienced here in Singapore with 3 employers. 1st employer with Chinese family for 4 years (2006-2010), she do take care of 3 kids and does all the household chores in a condominium type of residential house. 2nd employer is Chinese family for 2 years (2011-2013), she took care of 2 kids and does all the household chores in a 2 storey residential house. 3rd employer with Indonesian Chinese family for 1 year (2014-2015), she does all the household chores in a condominium type of house. She knows how to cook Indonesian, Chinese dishes and can follow recipe. She also knows how to use all electric appliances.

Diana is a very hard working person, very good cook, have initiative and honest person. She is willing to join any family and she is keen to work with just 1 offday in a month. She wants to come back in Singapore to work because she needs income to support her kids financial needs.

Married (40)
Ref: AVGH i003
Upd on 25-Oct-16

Santi is 35 years old, Single parent with 2 kids. She is a Muslim and from Surabaya, Indonesia.

She worked in Saudi Arabia from 2009 - 2011, she took care of elderly and does all the household chores. In Singapore from June 2015 to October 2016 with 3 employers and all in Chinese Family. All her employers she does elderly care, Santi have patience to take care of elderly since that is her strength.She can get along with them well. She has the ability to understand and speak Cantonese and a little Mandarin. She knows how to cook Arabic, Indonesian, Malaysian and Chinese dishes but willing to learn more. She knows how to use electric appliances (vacuum, rice cooker, iron, washing machine, etc) and able to multi task in doing all the household chores in a landed property.

Santi is a very hard working person, fast learner and have initiative. She want to quickly find a employer because she needs an income to support her children needs. She is available for interview anytime.

Single Parent (36)
Ref: AVGH I002
Upd on 24-Oct-16

Suprapti is 33 years old, Single. She is a Muslim and from Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

She is working here in Singapore since 2014. She worked with Chinese and Indian family, with the Chinese family she only worked with them for 1 year since only couple and the 35 years old son. After a year with them, she is now with Indian family and she's taking care of their newborn baby. She can cook basic Indian, Chinese dishes and good in Indonesian dishes. She is willing to work in a family with infant or toddlers since she find it easy to get along with kids. She knows how to use electric apppliances and able to multi-task in doing all the household chores (cooking, ironing, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and etc).

Suprapti is very easy to get along with, very jolly person, hard working, and humble person. She wants to find an employer and continue working in Singapore because she wants to save money for her future.

Single (36)
Ref: AVGH I027
Upd on 16-Oct-16
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